Statsd Logging#

Hypercorn can optionally log metrics using the StatsD or DogStatsD protocols. The metrics logged are,

  • hypercorn.requests: rate of requests

  • hypercorn.request.duration: request duration in milliseconds

  • hypercorn.request.status.[#code]: rate of responses by status code

  • hypercorn.log.critical: rate of critical log messages

  • hypercorn.log.error: rate of error log messages

  • hypercorn.log.warning: rate of warning log messages

  • hypercorn.log.exception: rate of exceptional log messages


Setting the config statsd_host to [host]:[port] will result in these metrics being set to that host, port combination. The config statsd_prefix can be used to prefix all metrics and dogstatsd_tags can be used to add tags to each metric.

Customising the statsd logger#

The statsd logger class can be customised by calling set_statsd_logger_class method of the Config class. This is only possible when using the python based configuration file. The hypercorn.statsd.StatsdLogger class is used by default.